for Novice Companions

Are you certain you'd like to give this a try?


Wait at least a month. Explore the space. Click through Twitter and mentally subtract half the glamor to get an idea of what our lives are like.


The money is very nice, but you should examine your motives and ability to tolerate the industry before launching.

Tips as you take your first steps

1) Prepare a small budget to launch yourself. $1000 is appropriate. This will go towards hosting a basic website and buying your first ads. Take a few flattering selfies, get a VoIP number, and start writing ad copy!

2) Pay for your ads in crypto to keep your banking history clean. Yes, it's annoying shuttling money around just so you can spend it on ads, but inconvenience is the price of security.

3) Always screen. Don't be discouraged by the number of inquiries you have to turn down.

4) Maintain safe health practices and arrange for regular screening. You can ask your doctor to set up recurring appointments. If you're embarrassed, free clinics are an option, but they're a slog even with an appointment. Your time is valuable and a free clinic will probably eat up the better part of your day. Other services offer mail-in kits, but they charge a premium for the privacy of at-home testing.

5) Use an encrypted email provider like Protonmail for work.


Tools as you establish yourself

  • Photos are worth every penny. Get a professional photographer.

  • Get a VPN.

  • Prioritize paying off your student loans.

  • Max out your Roth IRA contributions for the year. Invest in mutual funds. Get compound interest on your side! Live below your means and save enough that it hurts.

  • Form an LLC. Opt to be taxed as an S-corp. This will save you from paying higher Social Security and Medicare taxes as a self-employed person vs. a pass-through entity.

  • After you've formed a company and have an EIN, create a business account on PayPal. This will allow you to send and receive money without revealing your real name.

  • You'll need to pay taxes if you want to by property and move easily through the world. Find an industry-friendly accountant. If you need an accountant based in California, you're welcome to email me for a recommendation.