If you'd like to send me anonymous questions and comments, you can do so at Curious Cat.

Questions related to booking should be emailed to [email protected].

Can I see you today?

Sadly I’m typically unable to accommodate last-minute requests due to my other commitments. It’s best to get in touch with at least 72 hours' notice to be certain of my availability.


The other reason I ask for advance notice is that, outside of tours, I see relatively few people each week. While this may mean it’s difficult to secure an appointment with me, it also guarantees you’ll have my undivided attention when we do meet!

Describe your ideal client.

I enjoy men who are intelligent, interesting, and generous. I find a degree of frustrated ambition attractive. I respect skill mastery and pair especially well with analytical types. Please be clean, reliable, and polite.

If the phrases "impact factor" or "Erdős number" mean something to you, please tell me during screening. It does not immediately disqualify you, but we ought to discuss further.

What is your preferred mode of communication?

New friends: please contact me and my lovely assistant, Giselle, via email. I highly recommend you use an encrypted provider like ProtonMail to keep our communication safe.

If I don't respond to your request after Giselle has passed your email on to me, please send me a reminder - sometimes suitable inquiries get lost in my inbox. I occasionally take longer to respond if I am traveling, involved in a multi-day engagement, or taking time off. 

Once you have a confirmed booking, I'll send you a number where you can text me for last-minute coordination. However, email works just as well if you prefer email all the way through!

Will you send me more pictures?

I only share the pictures in my public gallery and socials with new clients. This is to deter serial pic requesters who have no intention of making a booking. 

What are your socials?

You can tap into my stream of consciousness on...

Twitter: @NinaMonaEXP

Instagram: @NinaMonaEXP

Do you allow photos / recording?

I'm very protective of my privacy. I don't allow clients to take pictures of me and I never share pictures that show my full, unobscured face. I am confident you won't be disappointed. 

How Asian are you?

50%. But I probably don’t look Asian enough if you're specifically seeking out an Asian companion.


I’m in the same neighborhood of racial ambiguity as Chloe Bennet and Maggie Q.

I’m interested in something I don’t see on your details page.

Fire away – there’s always a chance I’ll say yes, and I enjoy hearing offbeat proposals. I'm always open to wardrobe requests.


For an informal discussion, contact me with an outline of your idea. I'm happy to receive links or attachments if that better communicates what you have in mind.

Do you see women?

Of course! I treasure my rare but mind-blowing female clients. 

To those on the fence: If you're a woman who wants to explore a soft, pliable, and all-natural female body, I am newbie friendly. I encourage you to reach out after you are certain you want to go through with your first time with another woman. I'm not here to convince you, but I'd be delighted to entertain you once you're ready.

Do you see couples?

Yes! Adding me to your play opens up so many avenues for exploring your relationship and figuring out what arouses you. Please discuss your plans with your partner (suggestions: how balanced you want our play to be, positions you'd like to try), then let me know what you have in mind. I offer highly visual and tactile play and I'd love to show you two an unforgettable time. 

I’d like to socialize. Can we meet for a drink first?

I’m happy to meet for a relaxed drink or dinner at my usual rate. Screening is still a must. 

Favorite wines?

I avoid reds because they stain my Invisalign trays. I like chilled Tokaji, Moscato, Chardonnay, Chenin Blac, Riesling, Sauternes, and Torrontés.

“But Nina! These dessert wines will clash with our skirt steak!”

I don’t care. >:(

Do you have any dietary restrictions?

I can eat anything! I'm non-vegan and I have no food allergies. My one restriction is nothing critically endangered or stupidly unethical. This rules out sturgeon caviar and shark fin soup, but there's plenty else you can feed me.

What do I want to eat? I adore salmon belly sashimi, decorative appetizers, and cocktails with clever names.

Are you open to reviews?

I prefer to entertain tactful clients who are considerate of my privacy. Please do not publish accounts of our intimate time together on any forum or other public space. It's much nicer to keep our time together discreet, don't you think?

What about safety?

I take my health and safety, and that of my clients, very seriously. I always ensure that a security contact knows where I am on my bookings. Anyone who does not respect this will be blacklisted and reported to the police.


I enjoy building lasting relationships with clients. While their spheres of influence vary, all expect me perfect and intact when I return to them. They are my second line of defense. 

How do you screen clients?

Please have sterling references from other companions and/or be prepared to tell me a few identifying details so I can verify you are authentic and safe.

If you are a current member of P411, please contact me there during our initial email exchange!

Will you serve as my reference?

Of course! References help keep the community safe. I will never turn down a reference request from a client I would consider seeing again. I don't need forewarning; simply forward my email address to the companion and my assistant or I will answer her request within 48 hours. 

Please note that some companions only accept recent references. Six months is a common limit. Check that the date of our meeting falls within her preferred range because I will not be able to fudge the date on your behalf. 

Any tips for clients?

  • Please don't be early. I'm habitually late.

  • If pulling my hair, it feels better if you grip from the base (closer to my skull) instead of the ends.

Will you sign an NDA?

No one's ever asked me to sign a nondisclosure agreement, but I occasionally see this mentioned on other companions' sites. 

Answer: Sure! But I'm skeptical whether NDAs offer you much protection. 

I treat all my clients' information as confidential. I have no interest in outing clients, no matter how much your private behavior runs counter to your public persona. My natural instinct is to dodge spotlights, not occupy them, and the last thing I want is to embroil myself in media scandal for short-term gain. Doing so would both complicate my private life and sour my client base. 

Are you open to other arrangements?

I am open to exclusive arrangements, but believe staking my prosperity on a single client is less robust than a broad net of many. Your offer would therefore have to be very tempting. Please know I would purely see it as a business relationship. My needs are steep and I value my autonomy.

Don't you get lonely without a boyfriend?

Why are you doing this?

  1. Money

  2. Amusement

Occasionally the two flip.

Is Nina your real name?

It isn't. I have a soft spot for Akira and got Nina Mona from a bosozoku documentary. 

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For curious companions

Who designed your site?

I did. I made the first version of my site with a drag-and-drop editor and cracked copy of Adobe Illustrator. I've since added a Wacom tablet and more specialized software to my kit, but if you're a beginner you can get a lot of mileage out of a few tools. I also do my own copywriting.

If you're a companion in need of a site redesign or unique branding elements, I'd love to help give you a digital makeover or build your presence from the ground up. Prices start at $3000. You can reach me at the usual place - [email protected].

What typeface did you use for your logo?

Lingerie. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it in Vogue and can't say enough good things about it.

Any tips for novice companions?

There's already plenty of advice on screening and finding photographers, so here are some resources I haven't seen discussed:

The Elements of Style

A succinct guide for better writing.

STI Statistics

A fantastic table organizing STI epidemiology and risks. The per-partner and per-encounter transmission rates are especially hard to find elsewhere.

IRS: LLC filing as an S corp

My accountant assures me this is the right choice to lower my tax burden, so it's probably the right option for you too.

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