I'd love to get to know you.

Here's a little more about me.

Meet the woman

I’m a svelte, curious, and creatively hot-blooded young woman who savors the finer things in life. When I'm not with you, you may find me buried in a novel (Robert Graves and Nabokov are favorites), toning my body with yoga, or babying my cat. My favorite sensations are those of clarity and revelation  — a final puzzle piece clicking into place, or the last note of a perfect symphonic performance. I enjoy a man who can teach me something, but delight in a man open to learning a few tricks from me.


I can travel worldwide and have an enduring fondness for San Francisco, New York, and Japan. In the end, my plan is simply to explore the world and taste its pleasures - and what better way to do this than with someone like you?

- Nina


The Basics



For me? Thank you! While gifts are never expected, I swoon over thoughtful tokens of appreciation.

If you'd like suggestions, gift cards from my favorite shops are always welcome:

I'll be sure to snap you a selfie, but I suspect it would be even nicer if we arranged a booking so I could demonstrate my gratitude in person.


I'm always interested in refining and broadening my knowledge. I have an excessive amount of formal education, but my training leans towards the abstract and overspecialized. So please, offer insights. Teach me something new. Mention something interesting I can look up after our encounter.


One of the most valuable gifts you can give me is your expertise. I am aware my client list is accumulating a diverse team of talented and well-placed consultants. So, my darling lawyers, bankers, developers, serial entrepreneurs, and all the rest - I will never intrude on your lives any further than you permit, but if you are willing, I would be grateful to call on you should the occasion arise.

Conversely, I thrive when my clients are happy. If you would like a discreet introduction or if there is anything I can do to assist, I may know another successful, open-minded person with exceptional taste in women.


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