Payment Options

Ordered by preference

Cash (USD)

Simple and straightforward.

My favorite! Please place bills in an envelope, card, or book for discretion. 

If you prefer to avoid a paper trail while making deposits, I can accept cash at a discreet remote mailbox.


My preferred method for collecting travel deposits. I accept Bitcoin and Ethereum.

I highly recommended cryptocurrency if you want to pay electronically. I accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Monero.



1. Let me know you'd like to pay with crypto and I'll send you a fresh receive address. For our privacy and security, I never reuse addresses across clients.

2. Send the transfer at least 2 hours before the session so there's time to verify the transaction. This can happen in as little as 20 minutes, but slows if the network is congested. 

3. It can take a while for the pending transfer to be visible in my wallet. If there's any uncertainty, please send me your transaction ID, which is the alphanumeric string that labels the transaction within the coin's blockchain.


If the transaction says "No Transaction Found", then your transfer never left your sending wallet.


I will stop accepting PayPal payments in May 2021.

You have 2 choices:

1) The easier option:

Send your PayPal payment and classify it as a gift (which waives fees for both parties).

2) The safer option:

I'll send you an invoice that accounts for PayPal's 2.9% merchant fee

While the merchant fee makes the second option marginally more expensive, the benefit to you is you can file a claim with Paypal if you have issues with the transaction (e.g. you can get a refund if your session never takes place). While I promise I will return your deposit if I cancel our session for reasons that are my fault, classifying the transaction as a payment for a service is a bet-hedging option I like clients to be aware of.

In contrast, the gift option (#1) is more convenient for me but riskier for you. This is because PayPal treats cash gifts as non-refundable, so once the money is in my hands you have little recourse if I don't follow through. Of course, I'd never do that to you  — but every player defects in the last round of a game with a temptation payoff.

I've never had an issue with fraudulent chargebacks before and would like to keep it that way. I'm very hesitant to accept PayPal payments from new clients or clients who head their own businesses, as they face less professional risk from defrauding companions. If you are considering cheating me, know that your burden of proof will be steep, as the transaction is fully documented through a shell business. I will contest it and take action against you.

Is PayPal discreet?

Not as much as cryptocurrency, but it's as discreet as I can make it. The transaction will appear on your bank statement as payment for a consulting service. Googling the name of this service does not turn up anything compromising. 

Please do not write anything in PayPal's comment field.


This applies even if you think they're helpful reminders. "Payment part 1/3, overnight" is suspicious. PayPal is not friendly to companions and is quick to close accounts that raise red flags.


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