The Affair

For those interested in broader horizons


Outcall or Incall Rendezvous

A memorable, unrushed experience full of sharing, sublimation, lust, and trust.

1 day
2 days
Additional days (3+)
14 hours
Min. for international flights
8 hours
6 hours
Min. for domestic flights
5 hours
4 hours
3 hours
2 hours
1.5 hours
1 hour
Only available on tour


100% of my rate


If you'd like to meet for dinner or drinks, this is the option for you. Get to know me in a tasteful skirt and stockings while we discuss sci-fi over hors d'oeuvres. 

No matter how tame our plans, screening is still required.


110% of my rate (complimentary in multiday sessions)


Crave a willing receptacle for your darker urges? 

Like pleading eyes and slurping gagging noises? 

Want to turn a nice girl into a drooling mess of smeared makeup and sultry moans? 

This is the recommended option if your desires revolve around control, degradation, or coercion. Anything that tip-toes on dangerous or abusive also falls into this category, including name calling and restraint. I allow light manhandling (slapping, spanking, hair pulling, choking) on the condition you don't leave marks. 

May require more ironclad references, depending on the depth of your inclinations. 

I am uninterested in activities that raise our disease risk or cause lasting damage. 

I do not offer femdom sessions. 

I'm flattered by inquiries, but I'm not a natural dominatrix. I pride myself on offering genuine passion and femdom sessions feel uncomfortably contrived. I will therefore turn down requests in this arena.

Fly Me To You

100% of my rate + travel fees


I'm passport ready. Please inquire. 

I require a minimum booking length of 6 hours for domestic travel and 14 hours for international trips. You are responsible for reasonable travel expenses (black car to the airport, round trip tickets, baggage fees, and similar). I'll provide receipts with personal information scrubbed. Because I incur upfront costs, I require a 50% deposit before I book tickets. 

For international trips, please be mindful of the country's entry requirements; I'll need enough notice to get my visa and other documents in order. Here's a list of countries I can travel to on short notice.



You can whisk me away and show me the sights, or I can entertain you at my hotel. 

Every city has so much to offer. What should I do while I'm here? 


Booking on tour

To secure a booking while I'm on tour, please send your screening information and preferred time, date, and duration. I'll let you know the zip code of my hotel once I've confirmed our session. I will send you a contact card with my location and access instructions a day in advance.


Where do I tour?

San Francisco and New York are recurring favorites. I also visit San Jose; Boston; Chicago; and Washington, D.C. If you'd like to know when I'm visiting your city, keep an eye on my Twitter and subscribe to my newsletter!


I understand things come up. I can generally accommodate changes if you need to reschedule. However, my time is valuable, particularly on tour when I've likely turned down sessions to see you.

I charge a 50% cancellation fee if you cancel with 24 – 72 hours' notice. You may use this amount towards a future session.

I expect a 100% cancellation fee if you cancel the same day. If you cancel an outcall session while I am en route, your cancellation fee will also include my travel costs. You will not be able to use this amount towards a future session.

Canceling a fly-me-to-you session with less than a week's notice will forfeit your deposit. You will not be able to use this amount towards a future session.

If you fail to pay my cancellation fee, I will decline bookings from you in the future. I will report your dishonesty to your references, add your information to multiple blacklists, and my assistant will report you as a untrustworthy client.

I do not permit reviews.

Please keep the details of our time to yourself. I prefer to avoid clients with an active presence on review sites or discussion forums, as I consider you a discretion risk and threat to my privacy. A TER whitelist does not count in your favor during screening.

I do not offer discounts or free time.

Please do not request discounts or pressure me into staying beyond our agreed upon time. This behavior is ugly, entitled, and unusual.

I've blocked the small fraction of my clients who habitually imposed on my time without including appropriate compensation. This includes those who made soft as well as overt demands. All of you were otherwise model clients. However, you exploited my naiveté and willingness to please, which were stronger traits before I met you. I believe your expectation for free or discounted time will be difficult to correct, and have therefore decided to purge you from my roster.

Gentle reminder that gifts are not substitutes for payment.