Procedures and Etiquette

Guidance to charm and captivate your companion

May I see you today?

Sadly I’m typically unable to accommodate last-minute requests due to my other commitments. It’s best to get in touch with at least three days' notice to be certain of my availability. 

The other reason I ask for advance notice is that I see relatively few clients. While this may mean it’s difficult to secure an appointment with me, it also guarantees you’ll have my undivided attention when we do meet.

What is your preferred mode of communication?

If you're a new client, please contact me through my contact form or email. If I don't respond to your request in two days and you're certain you've sent the necessary screening information, please send me a reminder — sometimes suitable inquiries get lost in my inbox. I occasionally take longer to respond if I am traveling, involved in a multi-day engagement, or taking time off. 

Once your booking is confirmed, I'll send you a number you can text over Signal for last-minute coordination. However, email works just as well if you prefer email all the way through. 

I’d like to socialize. Could we meet for a drink first?

I’m happy to meet for a relaxed drink or dinner at my usual rate. Screening is still a must.

It is unacceptable to book my session minimum and expect to overstay to talk. If you want conversation, please choose a session that allows sufficient time, otherwise other activities will have to give way. 

Is it okay if I arrive early?

I'm frequently late. I've tried to break myself of the habit, but until I find a permanent fix it seems best to plan around it. Please don't be early or plan a pressing appointment soon after our session.

What do I do with your cash payment?

Please place my cash payment in an unsealed envelope or card. Remember to give it to me at the start of the session to avoid awkward reminders. There's no need to declare the cash or gesture to it dramatically; simply place it in a visible location.

Please do not pay me in twenties. My bag only has so much room! 

Will you send me more pictures?

You can find numerous pictures of me on my site and Twitter. I don't share more photos with new clients. This is to deter serial picture requesters who have no intention of booking.

Do you allow photos / recording?

I'm very protective of my privacy. I don't allow clients to take pictures of me and I never share pictures that show my full, unobscured face. I'm confident you won't be disappointed.

I’m interested in something I don’t see on your details page.

You're welcome to ask. I enjoy hearing offbeat proposals. For an informal discussion, contact me with an outline of your idea. I'm happy to receive links or attachments if that better communicates what you have in mind.

Do you see women?

Of course! I treasure my rare but mind-blowing female clients. 

I'm friendly with the inexperienced if you'd like to explore a soft, pliable female body in a safe and bounded environment. I encourage you to reach out once you're certain you want to go through with our time together. I'm not here to convince you, but I'd be delighted to entertain you once you're ready.

Do you see couples?

Yes! Adding me to your play opens up so many avenues for exploring your relationship and discovering what arouses you. 

Please discuss your plans with your partner first (suggestions: how balanced you want our play to be, positions you'd like to try), then let me know what you have in mind. I offer highly visual and tactile play and I'd love to show you two an unforgettable time.

Are you open to reviews?

I prefer to entertain tactful clients who are considerate of my privacy. Do not publish accounts of our time together on any forum or other public space. It's much nicer to keep our time together discreet, don't you think?

What about safety?

I take my health and safety, and that of my clients, very seriously. I always ensure that a security contact knows where I am on my bookings. Anyone who does not respect my safety will be blacklisted and reported to the police. 

I enjoy building lasting relationships with clients. While their spheres of influence vary, all expect me cheerful and intact when I return to them. They are my second line of defense.