Feel free to include a little bit about yourself in your salutation! I love learning what makes you unique.

Papieren, bitte

I will not accept bookings if you do not provide me with at least one of the following:

  •  Two or more references from independent companions

  •  Identity verification

If you're unwilling to provide this information, I invite you to submit a proposal to my Alternative Screening Challenge. Please make sure your proposal meets the requirements and doesn't cover ground I've already excluded. The first step to coming up with a substitute screening method is to understand the purpose of screening. 

Identity verification

Please provide your full name and at least one of the following:

  • A link to your LinkedIn 

  • Your work email address (must have a company domain, cannot be a sole proprietorship)

  • Photo ID (US driver's license or passport)


Please list references' names, email addresses, and at least one link to their web presence. Please don't link me to their site or profile with no other information, as it forces me to hunt for their contact details! I don't handle references over DM. 

I ask for references because I would like to contact companions you’ve met before. I’ll ask them a few questions to assess whether we're compatible and if I will be comfortable in your presence.

Your references must be

  • Recent, with a session taking place within the past 12 months (some pandemic leeway)

  • Independent (not an agency) 

  • Verifiable — they have an established web presence with active ads

Will you serve as my reference?

Of course! No need to ask permission. Simply send the companion my info and I'll reply with an honest assessment as soon as possible.

However, please don't repeatedly use me as a reference when you have more recent encounters to recommend you. Two references per session is a good rule of thumb. 

Here's the information to give out in copy/pastable form:

           Name: Nina Mona

           Email address: [email protected]

           Site: https://ninamona.ch/

           Twitter: https://twitter.com/NinaMonaEXP